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CHOBi CAM Cheese 日本語

CHOBi CAM Cheese
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Emmental cheese shaped cute toy movie camera
CHOBi CAM Cheese
■ Model Name : CHOBi CAM Cheese
■ Model number : CHBICACHE
■ Price :
1,980YEN (Including tax)

This is truly "Say Cheese!".  This is the world's first Emmental cheese shaped mini camera.
CHOBi CAM Cheese CHOBi CAM Cheese
CHOBi CAM Cheese
CHOBiCAM Cheese is the world's first Emmental cheese shaped very cute mini camera.
You say Cheese, you look smile. This is how we start saying cheese, when we take pictures. However, it is a little be shameful to say on real occasions and your friends sometimes would not say "Cheese".
Please do not be ashamed. Your friends can't help smiling and saying "Cheese"
when they see this camera. CHOBiCAM Cheese it not just a toy camera but it can be the bridge of communication!
Very small as erasers.
CHOBi CAM Cheese CHOBi CAM Cheese CHOBi CAM Cheese
CHOBiCAM Cheese is a toy movie camera as small as erasers.
It can be put on the palm. It can be put in the packet of the shirts.
The dimensions: W45xH30xD24mm ( without projected part). The weight: 16gram.You can take it with you wherever you go!
This is a movie camera (CHOBiCAM Cheese) like old friends whom you can feel free with.
You can take either motion picture or still picture very easily.
CHOBi CAM Cheese
CHOBiCAM Cheese is the camera that Eveybody can take either motion picture or still picture very quickly and easily.
The picture image taken by this camera has very uniq analog retro taste,
which can be taken only by toy cameras. Now there are a lots of very advanced professional-use video cameras. Even cellularphones can take high resolution picutures. However those advanced cameras never can take such pictures, but CHOBiCAM Cheese can take without any lens filters!
Sample movie
Sample photo
Voice recording function.
CHOBi CAM Cheese
CHOBiCAM Cheese has voice recording function and you can record the sound of school lessons, conversation with friends and business conferences.
On business occasion, by recording the conferences you can avoid misunderstandings.
The sound can be recorded 75min (Max.) with MP3 files.
Micro SDHC memory card supported.
CHOBi CAM Cheese
CHOBiCAM Cheese is supporting Micro SDHC memory card.
The data will be saved in Micro SDHC memory card installed. When you need to move the saved data, you just take out the memory card from the camera and transfer the data by using memory card reader.
It is very easy. In case your Micro SDHC momory card got full with data, you can keep taking pictures by changing Micro SDHC momory cards.
Support 4-32GB micro SDHC momory cards. Recommend over Class 4.
Charging battery and data transfer with USB cable.
CHOBi CAM Cheese CHOBi CAM Cheese CHOBi CAM Cheese
The battery is charged by connecting PC and CHOBiCAM Cheese with USB cable.
In case you would like to AC, please use USB AC adapter (Not included in the package).
And connecting PC and CHOBiCAM Cheese with USB cable, the camera become external storage and you can transfer the data in micro SDHC card to PC very easily.
Model Name CHOBi CAM Cheese
Model Number CHBICACHE
Warranty 3 months from purchasing date (This warranty is effective only in Japan.)
Dimensions Approx. W45×H30×D24mm(Projected part or buttons are not included.)
Weight Approx. 16g
Media Type microSD/SDHC Memory Card (Max.32GB)
Video Resolution 720×480pix Max.24fps(AVI File)
Video Recording Time Max. Approx. 45min
Photo Resolution 1280×1024pix(JPEG File)
Voice Recording Time Max. Approx. 75min (MP3 File)
Power Built-in Battery (Charging with USB)
Charging Time Approx. 1 Hour
In Put/Out Put USB2.0 Interface
Date Setting Not Available (The date on the photo is not changeable)
Packing List
CHOBi CAM Cheese Packing List ・CHOBiCAM Cheese Camera
・Camera Short Strap
・USB Cable
・User's Manual with Warranty Card (Japanese only)
CHOBi CAM Cheese Name of each parts

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